06 July, 2013 News

Kuzbass sings the Sochi 2014 Fans’ Anthem

The grand RED ROCKS music project - part of the Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad and sponsored by Sberbank - has arrived at its next destination, Kemerovo’s Soviets Square. More than 10 thousand Kemerovo townsfolk and visitors to the capital of Kuzbass Region came to see the unique show and sing the Fans’ Anthem for the 2014 Olympics and Paralympics.

The night saw performances by the young Moscow band TonySoprano, Masha and the Bears, recently returned to the music scene, and the headliners were Mumiy Troll with their perennial frontman Ilya Lagutenko. The electronic band TonySoprano set the right mood for the audience and kept it warm in the drenching rain. Resolute to stay, the fans threw up a flower bed of multicolored umbrellas and oilskins.

The beautiful Masha Makarova and her Bears took the stage next. The band delivered not only pieces from their latest album The End, but also famous hits like The Earth, Reykjavik, Without You and, of course, Lyubochka, drawing the crowd into a mass sing-along. Masha and the Bears have been working on a different sound with a well-known producer, Oleg Nesterov, and the benefits are plain to hear.

The Kemerovo people at the RED ROCKS festival then participated in the recording of the Sochi 2014 Fans’ Anthem, making their contribution to the Olympic legacy. They had a chance learn the lyrics directly at the concert, and the recitals of thousands of voices turned the event into a mass karaoke. The voices of Kemerovo and other cities the festival tours will be assembled into a common Anthem.

The legendary Vladivostok band, Mumiy Troll, performed last. 16 years ago they stormed Russia’s TV and short wave with their hits Run Away and A Cat’s Cat, and they remain one of the country’s most popular bands. From the first accords they took, the audience shook with joy, chanting The Dolphins, She-Bear, Science Fiction and other songs rolling from the stage and refusing to let off Ilya Lagutenko.

The RED ROCKS TOUR, part of the Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad and sponsored by Sberbank, rocks on - July the 13th will see the bands play in Barnaul.

Meet the RED ROCKS TOUR and Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad in your city!

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